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Magic Sonnet
Shall I compare thee to a Quidditch match
So filled are you with magic and mirth
You're Alohomora has unfastened my heart's latch
As the broomsticks fly, you lift me from the earth.
Stronger than the force of any Bludger,
Lips redder than any Quaffle
My soul you fill with hunger
That cannot be sainted by even the sweetest waffle
You are the Keeper of my heart's rings,
The Chaser of my soul's desire,
You are the Seeker of all these things,
Like Incendio, you light my world on fire.
    More glorious and precious than the fluttering golden snitch,
    My wonderful wizard, more beautiful and handsome than any witch.
:iconmarcodelmarco:MarcoDelMarco 14 17
A Warped Love Sonnet
You smile, your fingers wrap around my neck
I smile as I put the gun to your head
The cold rain splashes around our prone forms
And it feels like the devil is with us.
When did our love start to decay and sour?
When did the smiles and love turn into slaps?
I hate you so damn much it’s hard to breathe
But when I dream at night, I see your face.
I am going to kill you with kisses
And love you with hot metal bullets
While you just smile and kiss my cold, dead lips
The knife of your betrayal in my back.
Dear God, are we not such a wicked pair
To have the same passion in love and hate?
:iconrelics-angel:Relics-Angel 16 10
Sonnet III
I sit here crouched in a poorly lit room,
Cycling through what life was like long ago.
Dread of my future does linger and loom,
Only having a damaged heart to show.
You use to tickle my cold lips with yours,
So delicately forcing them on mine.
Now left with a fleeting image, closed doors,
Sky gloomy, for me the sun does not shine.
As if a dream, you reach hesitantly,
Unsure if you want to give me a chance,
When last time I hurt you so blatantly,
I wish to repair this damaged romance.
Let us keep silent, walk off hand in hand,
Going on with life just as we had planned.
:iconksmsoccer89:ksmsoccer89 16 62
starry eyes implode
she cannot recall all
the things she's
pretty pills, rancid
razor blades and
wasted words coat
her sorry throat
she can't count her
fingers, like she can't
count the days again--
it's zero to zero, in it
to spin it:
time is measured in
lengths of abandonment.
she comes home empty-
handed; defeated,
depleted, repeated:
"I gave up again
I gave up I gave it
away I gave up"
repeated like some
makeshift lullaby
and once more she
apologizes to a
broken window,
shattered, scattered,
just hoping to
know somewhere
better to go
and when she walks,
she holds hands
with the yellowed
skeleton of a
forgotten little girl--
on their tour of
the world. she
stops at the
edge and whispers
'there is a point of
no return' with
a guiding hand;
she sends her off
and realizes she's
only killed
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 27 28
count to infinity before you sleep.
cause i know
there are days when
it's painful to even breathe,
your throat closing up on the knowledge
that you don't know
how much longer you'll be waiting on this
band-aided, superglued planet.
every cell in your body vying to be the next to die,
and all you have to tell them is
maybe. maybe next time.
those are the days you spend
cutting rose thorns into your palms
and clenching your fists tight around
jagged reflections and prismed rainbows.
the days you realize
we're losing so much faster than we're learning.
we're maturing faster than we're growing.
adults stuck in the bodies of kids,
moving around, making the mistakes
no one ever wants to look back on.
those are the days you realize
it's not worth living here anymore.
you're using too many burnt-like sugar words
to get what you want, a mistaken human in wolf's clothing.
your lies are becoming louder than your screams,
but if the knife fits wear it on your skin.
this is the age where you feel caught between
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 60 8
A Monster's Plea for Mercy
You're too close
Too close for comfort
Get away
Get away
I don't need your help
Stay way from me
I'll only hurt you
Not just once
But many times
Til' you feel broken
Just like me
Leave me alone
Leave me alone
I can't stop
It's uncontrollable
In the end
I'll kill you
Slowly and painfully
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I don't want to
To hurt all of you
Like I hurt myself
But I want to stop
Though I really can't
Make it stop
Make it stop....
:iconthelonleyfallenangel:TheLonleyFallenAngel 20 28
The End
Dig your nails into your skin, feel their harshness crawl within.
Scratch and tear the flesh apart, for here begins a fresh new start.
See the pink, the red, and the blue, grab a knife, you know what to do.
Remove the organs, hear the tears, scream and wail for further repairs.
And now you're down to your heart, tear it out to end and restart.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 38 4
Please (Don't) Hate Me
If I told you a lie
But it made you smile
Would it still be a sin?
If I opened the door
But turned you away
Would you still come in?
If I sliced my skin
But it didn't hurt
Would it still be wrong?
If I acted all brave
But couldn't face it
Would I still be strong?
If I tied my noose
Around a tree's open arms
Would it be an embrace?
If I left tonight
And begged you stay
Would you still give chase?
If I committed sin
But hurt nobody
Would I be welcome above?
If I do something you hate
But only for your good
Could it still be true love?
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 137 53
Jack. by Maho-Urei Jack. :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 1,162 40 Refreshness by HannahDoma Refreshness :iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 414 99 Refreshness II by HannahDoma Refreshness II :iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 227 37
Are you happy now?
I tried my best to please them all…
They said that I always looked too angry
So I shaved off my eyebrows
They said I always dressed bad
So I took off my clothes
They said I cried too much
So I burned out my eyes
They said I wasn't listening
So I tore off my ears
They said I always said the wrong things
So I ripped out my vocal cords
They said I always faked my smile
So I ripped off my lips
They said my hair was a mess
So I cut it off
They said my feet were too big
So I broke them
They said I walked weird
So I saw off my legs
They said I played too much with my fingers
So I pulled off my hands
They said my arms were too thin
So I tore them off
They said my belly looked funny
So I cut out my stomach
They said I sat funny
So I removed my hips
They said I breathe too loud
So I ripped out my lungs
They said I always hung with my head
So I tore it off
They said my skin tone was ugly
So I removed my skin
They said my muscles were weak
So I ripped them off the bones
They said my bon
:iconchinchillaplum:Chinchillaplum 379 160
Alone Together by gelgezek Alone Together :icongelgezek:gelgezek 52 4


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